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Hero's Streaming Tour

I'm happy to announce I will be putting together a internet global streaming tour for my single Hero's with BetaPSI. The purpose for this tour is primarily to raise awareness for my album The Awakening which I am using musicoins to help support the funding of my new album. Hero's is my latest single which will be on the album and I want to get it out to as many outlets as possible to let my supporters, fans, and listeners know that this single will support raising awareness.

From March to the end of the year 2018, my goal is to place Hero's in front of as many listeners as possible to give my audience the ability to share and support raising my music's awareness. BetaPSI will also be a part of the tour in effort to hear and learn some of the work she has done as well.  This streaming tour is simply the sharing of my music and my latest single Hero's on as many platforms and blogs throughout the rest of the year. I also will be sharing #wowapp and how you can join me on my network where you get exclusive content and contact with me through this app. If you know of or are a blog or radio platform and want to help raise awareness by supporting this tour please leave your contact information in the comments where I can reach you and submit my single for radio play, interview, or song review.

Every month I will plan on doing something special with this single that focuses on the tour and sharing brings value to my listeners/ supporters/ fans. BetaPSI also has some exciting things going on so that to will be a part of what this tour is about. Nothing that I am aware of, has been done in this manner, so not only is it exciting but goal orientated and audience involvement. The involvement comes in to play where you can share this blog and comment what songs from us you'd like us (myself & BetaPSI) to share on this tour, as it will be going on throughout the year. I will do my best to get the music you request out, in sharing it on many social media spaces. Again, the tour is to raise awareness through support, which can be done two ways, streaming and sharing on sites like ChatsongMusic, Musicoin, and Whoozl Music, which I've posted the links to both me and BetaPSI. Appreciate all your support and look forward to seeing you during the global stream tour!!

Hero's Streaming Tour Playlist

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